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Life at DCAD

Every organization has a culture that reflects the values and priorities of its leadership and employees. Matching your individual value structure to the culture of an organization can enhance the employment experience and make getting up in the morning to go to work a pleasant experience.

While the Dallas Central Appraisal District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, the leadership team attempts to operate the District more like a business than the typical stereotype associated with governmental agencies. Much like a private corporation, our Board of Directors approves the policies and budgets while the day-to-day operation of the District is under the leadership of the Executive Director/Chief Appraiser and his staff. At DCAD we strive to provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price to the jurisdictions we serve while providing exemplary customer service to the taxpayers of Dallas County. As an employee at DCAD, you will find that treating each and every taxpayer with respect and dignity is a top priority.

Most of the employees of the District are involved in determining the value of property within our jurisdictional limits as well as providing information on the ad valorem tax appraisal process. To be effective in this pursuit, it is required that all employees remember that our mission is not only to obtain the correct value on a property, but to be able to explain to taxpayers how we have done our job and fully answer their questions and concerns. This requires not only strong technical skills, but also an ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. Employees with these abilities will find they are usually successful in their careers at the District.

Work life issues are important to the employees of the District. DCAD has flexible work arrangements that are available to most employees. A large number of employees work a compressed four (4) day work schedule throughout most of the year, while others opt for a more traditional schedule. Except during ARB, most employees will find their work week will not exceed 40 hours. The District management recognizes that, although our careers are important, they should not take away our chance to enjoy our personal and family time.

DCAD offers onsite wellness events throughout the year.  Some of these events include an annual Health and Benefits Fair, optional Biometric Screening and Lunch & Learn programs.  DCAD also offers a smoke free campus for our employees.

DCAD recognizes that work is also an opportunity to meet new people, establish friendships, and build teamwork. To this end, the Employee Recreation Committee plans a series of events each year designed to promote interaction among employees. A sampling of these events include an annual Holiday Party for employees, golf tournaments, a billiard tournament, an annual basketball tournament, group tickets and outings to Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks games, a Halloween dress-up and decoration contest, Wellness Day, and an annual Health and Benefits Fair.

Recognition of a job well done as well as keeping up to date with organizational changes is important. Three times a year, the District meets as a group to recognize those employees receiving service awards. During these meetings, the Chief Appraiser updates employees on our progress. During some of these meetings, special recognition of employees is made, including the presentation of Education Grants to employees to continue their professional education outside of the District, or the Star Performer Award to an employee who has performed in an exceptional manner.

Quarterly, the Human Resources Division publishes a newsletter to provide employees with information about current projects, employee achievement, and upcoming events.

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